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Please adhere to the following rules to maintain a healthy school.

Children feeling sick, or those whose temperature has not been normal for 24 hours after running a fever, or those who have been on antibiotics less than 24 hours must remain home for the day. If staff determines the child is still sick, they will be asked to leave.
Parents or guardians will be contacted if a child is feeling ill and asked to pick up their child immediately. No child shall be released to any adult other than those authorized by parents on the child’s emergency card. Identification will be checked for any unknown adult.
If a doctor prescribed medication that must be given during regular preschool hours, we must have a signed doctors prescription and it will be locked in a plastic box in the refrigerator if needed, or else locked on the shelf behind the director’s desk. A time record will be recorded when medication is administered. NO over the counter medications will be given - only prescription medication in its original container will be given to a child with a signed medication slip.
TLCP follows the procedure for storing and administering children’s medicines and delegation of medication administration in compliance with Section 12-38-132, CRS, of the “Nurse Practice Act”.
Universal precautions will be used in the handling of bodily fluids or waste with all children.
Confidentiality will be maintained.
When a child is injured, with an injury that is not superficial, such as a skinned knee or scraped elbow, the parent will be called immediately after the first aid is administered, or immediately if another adult is present. With a superficial injury, the parent will be notified when the child is picked up at the end of the preschool session. With a life threatening or serious injury, the parent will be notified after 911 is called and the Department of Social Services will then be notified.
All children must either have the chicken pox vaccine or have had the chicken pox.
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