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Your child's safety is our main priority.

In the case of an emergency or natural disaster, planning has provided for the safety of students and staff. The staff shall be responsible for instructing parent volunteers and children as appropriate and for contacting the appropriate authorities and parents.
In the case of suspected natural gas or carbon monoxide leaks, children will be evacuated, and emergency numbers called.
Fire Drill exit procedures are posted and fire drills will be practiced on a regular basis.
Playground and classroom equipment is inspected yearly for state licensing, and is maintained by the preschool.
A head count of all children in each classroom will be taken when they arrive (1st morning group) and at every transition time during the session. This includes bathroom time, washing hands, clean up, and outdoor time (during and after). Any time a child is missing, all areas inside and outside will be immediately inspected by the director. If the child is not found, all exits will be locked from the outside, and exact roll call will be done in each classroom, and the parent/guardian and 911 will be called immediately.
When a tornado is spotted in the area, children will be directed into both bathrooms. If there are too many children for the bathrooms, children will get coats and go under tables placed in the center of the building - away from windows. Tornado drills will be practiced periodically.
During the late spring, summer, and early fall, all children must come with sunscreen applied. Children who attend morning and afternoon sessions may bring sunscreen to re-apply with their name on the bottle and a permission slip signed.
If excessively hot, outdoor time will come early in the morning, or children will remain inside the air-conditioned building.
If a child arrives after their group has left on a field trip, the parent/guardian is to bring the child directly to the location, or arrange with the other classroom to accept the child until the group returns.
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